Long Beach Show Report

We’ve been attending Long Beach for over 30 years, and it has always been a good retail show for us.

We started the week with a pre-Long Beach auction at Goldberg’s in Beverly Hills. We were successful in buying coins despite staying patient and being very careful in not over bidding on coins. Then we spent most of Tuesday doing Heritage lot viewing in Long Beach. Miguel spent time in the trading rooms, and in dealer’s hotel rooms trying to wholesale coins. We were able to make some good progress with clients’ Want Lists.

We stayed busy with dealers and collectors coming by our table non-stop. Out of the 1000’s of coins we see this way, we typically buy 25. It’s a lot of work, but this is helpful for fulfilling want lists for clients.

The big coin that we sold at this show was an 1882-O 67+ Plus Moran Dollar, pop 2. This coin is going into a future number one Registry Set. We try very hard to help Registry Set owners move up so we were ecstatic about this coin. We also sold 2 top pop 3 Cent Silver coins.

While we’re known for Morgans, we’re getting back into Type Coins, 3 cent silvers, 2 cent pieces, and Franklins.

Where we’re seeing opportunity: type coins. Prices are way down compared to a few years ago. It’s a great time to step into the market and buy at a fraction of historic prices. Opportunity knocks!

All-in-all, Long Beach was a very productive show.