We really enjoyed having the ANA in our own backyard this year. It was nice being able to stay home and not have to deal with the aspects of traveling. We didn't miss busy airports, long security lines and those tiny airplane seats. A 25-45 minute drive seemed to be a small price to pay, considering what we normally have to go through. The PNG pre-show began the weekend before the actual ANA show. We arrived on Friday and did a little wholesale business with dealers, buying and selling a few pieces and looking for want list coins.


Saturday was set up for the PNG pre-show. We took care of the usual table matters and started buying and trying to sell coins. The show started off slowly but we did find some nice coins for customers and sold a few coins to dealers. More dealers started trickling in as we got closer to the start of the "BIG Show". This was a needed shot in the arm for the pre-show as it never really seemed to gather any steam. There is talk of eliminating the pre-show or cutting it down to one day. Something definitely needs to be addressed as it seemed to be completely unnecessary this year.


As it's been lately, better coins and really nice PQ coins were in high demand. We noticed many dealers with large inventories of average, not anything special, we call "stuff". Not too many dealers had quantities of better, high-end quality coins. Thankfully our California customers came buy to visit and found a number of coins on their want lists. We sold a good number of Morgan and Peace dollars as well as Commemorative half dollars and Walking Liberty halves to prominent Registry Collections. We also sold coins from pretty much every series we have in inventory. We sold Washington quarters, Mercury dimes, Indian cents as well as $2.5 and $5 Indian gold coins. We also sold a number of beautiful toned coins. A "BIG" thank you to everybody we bought and sold coins to. It was great seeing our regular customers and meeting new ones. We look forward to continuing to help you find great coins.


Our expectations are always high for a show of this magnitude. We can't say it was a great show, but we did have a decent ANA show. When it was slow, we emailed customers and put together deals to make things happen. We had time to talk with customers and take in consignments as well as grade coins for customers. We have many customers trading in coins to upgrade their sets as well as grading coins to reach full potential.


Make sure and talk to us about buying and selling coins for you as well as having us evaluate and grade coins for you. We can help you reach your goals and maximize your collections. We are currently gearing up for the Long Beach show, September 8 -10, 2016. Be sure and stop by table 821. We hope to see many of you there.