This year's Fall Baltimore coin show displayed signs for a great show. Gold was over $1300 and silver was over $18. There was a decent size auction and the weather was fabulous for November. And, there was a good buzz among dealers upon our arrival. We arrived in Baltimore on Tuesday night early enough to grab dinner and watch Chicago and Cleveland go at it in the World Series. It was a nice ending to a long travel day.

Wednesday was spent showing coins to dealers and sifting through dealer inventories. We had an eventful day as were able to find a few nice coins for clients and found a few needed coins to fill wholes in our Morgan and Peace dollar inventory. We bought a few coins and sold a few coins, it was a productive day overall. Dealer set up was Thursday morning at 8. There was a good buzz on the floor as dealers tried to do business and get their table areas set up and inventories for sale set out. The morning flew by, and we stayed busy showing coins and looking for coins for customer want lists. We ended the day with a nice dinner with a couple of our favorite client friends.

We were able to procure a few high-end Morgan dollar pieces for a couple of Registry clients during the show. Always nice to find a few coins to help upgrade Registry Sets. We rolled into Friday hoping to see more retail public on the floor as well as our Baltimore area clients. We were a little disappointed with the turn out this go round. Overall, it turned out to be a good show. We were able to finalize a few deals in the works and we made a number of our clients very happy with the coins we found. We sold everything from Lincoln cents, Morgan and Peace dollars, Commemorative half dollars and some very high-end gold coins.

There is no shortage of average or below average material. Nice coins and true rarities are in high demand.