Landed in Baltimore on Tuesday evening to start early Weds on Stack's Bowers Lot viewing. I spent about 4 hours looking at hundreds of coins starting with Copper type through Peace Dollars.

I love type coins and they are a bargain right now.

Yes, I specialize in Silver Dollars, but we will be diving back into type in a big way. Prices are so low compared to a few years ago. Many opportunities here to grab some great deals.

I will be buying Indian Head cents, 2 cent pieces, 3 cent silvers, 3 cent nickels, Buffalo nickels, Mercury Dimes, and many more cool type coins to sit along side the best inventory of Morgan and Peace dollars anywhere.

2018 will be a great year, so come along for the ride!

After lot viewing, I met dealers in the trading rooms to look for cool newps and want list coins.

If you want first shot at newps or want me to help you with your want list, I am your guy. I work harder than anyone trying to find you the best coins at fair prices.

Thursday was setup day and another day of trying to buy cool coins. It is very tough to find nice coins now. The trading floor is filled with the same old stuff. Dealers bring me double row box after box of coins to try and sell me.

Maybe I pull out 3 coins per box, maybe 1. Maybe I bought 20 coins in a 4 day show.

I did buy an 1895-O PCGS ms63 plus Morgan and filled a want list slot with it- made a client very happy.

Each day I alternate between staying at my table, and walking the floor looking for coins.

At night, I have a quick dinner then do my auction bidding from my room. For those who don’t know, it takes about 4 hours to look at a few hundred coins and then about 3 hours per night for 3 nights to figure which coins to bid on and execute my bids. That is 13 hours to win not enough coins.

It is worth the gamble as sometimes great coins slip through the cracks.

Friday was get away day, so spent most of the time at my table. Left at 3:30 to get to the airport. I got home at 1am CA time, and 4am in my head.

Saturday, I played my usual tennis match with major jet lag. We won 6-0 6-0,so maybe jetlag is the way to go :).

Sunday I was back at work listing newps and talking to clients about what I found for them.

Many more clients are giving us consignments, as we do a great job selling their coins.

Next week I go to Las Vegas for the PCGS Members only Show.

If you need coins graded, let us know.

Then we are off to the Central States show April 25th-27th.

Thanks for reading,