A big thank you goes out to all our dealer friends and clients who joined us for the September Long Beach Expo. To all those dealer friends and clients that didn't make it, WE MISSED YOU! We chatted with quite a few people over the course of the show and we all agreed that attendance was low. Quite a few dealers were missing and the bourse floor never seemed to fill up with collectors. This Long Beach started off slowly and unfortunately, never really gained any steam.

In retrospect, we did have a major coin show basically 15 business days ago in Anaheim. For dealers it can be difficult to attend back to back shows. Cash flow can always be a factor as well as not being able to process, take care of imaging, send coins to CAC, PCGS or NGC and get everything back in time before the next show. It's tough at times, but we are seasoned professionals and know from experience to continue playing as hard as we can. Collectors can be limited as well with back to back shows. For us, we keep doing the best we can and make the most out of our opportunities. This show was a little different for us as we probably sold more coins we found on the bourse floor than from inside our table cases. It wasn't our best Long Beach Expo, but it wasn't our worst either.

We bought and sold some very impressive coins this Long Beach. From a rare and elusive 1893-S Morgan dollar in AU58 to a rare first year Type 2 No Motto Double Eagle. Registry collectors were active during the show as well. We sold a number of high-end Morgans, Peace dollars and a couple of tough Mint State Indian cents.We brought a few raw gold and circulated silver deals to the show and sold out. We actually sold dimes, nickels and half dollars too, a little bit of everything.

We do a great job of finding high-end, quality coins and are willing to make deals that are beneficial to our clientele. Please contact us and let us help you. We travel the U.S. and have many great contacts and connections for coins. We will do our best to work with you and help you reach your goals. We will be in Vegas at the end of the month for the PCGS "Members Only" Invitational and then off to Dallas during the 3rd week in October. Call or email us, we are happy to discuss the many ways we can be of service.